About Me

I was born in Bern Switzerland, grew up in the Midwest, went to college in Colorado, made a career in Pittsburgh, put in some time near DC heading up local IT ops for a 50+ person office, and now I'm back in the 'burgh. 

When I'm not doing tech work or learning more about I.T., you can probably find me in a kayak or a tent. 

Professional Highlights

  • Over 9 years experience in IT work for the parent entity of CERT.
  • Current work:
    • Linux sysadmin as sole focus since 2012
    • Enterprise Linux administration at scale - RHN Satellite, Puppet
    • Virtualization - some VMware, some KVM, more Openstack, OpenVSwitch

  • Past work and background skills:
    • IBM TSM enterprise backup systems
    • Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop management & troublshooting
    • Web technologies involving basic HTML, managing the LAMP stack, Joomla CMS, Mediawiki/Confluence wiki
    • Nortel legacy PBX & voicemail systems leveraging POTS, T1, and ISDN
    • Polycom video teleconferencing (VTC)
    • LAN/WAN services, protocols, and applications (eg BIND9, ISC DHCP, Mikrotik routing gear, SDN)

  • Current CompTIA and Dell certifications
    • LPIC 1 ( LPI000257492, verify code: w6a7bbdzkd, 2012)
    • CompTIA Linux+ ( LPI000257492, verify code: w6a7bbdzkd, 2012)
    • CompTIA NETWORK+ (2011)
    • CompTIA A+ (2010)
    • Dell PowerEdge Configuration and Troubleshooting (2009)
    • Dell Desktop and Notebook Configuration and Troubleshooting (2009)
Here's a picture of me:
Kodiak's face